At "The Remnant" our goal is to help individual’s become healthy, whole, and productive within the Kingdom of God, to teach them how to walk in faith and holiness through sanctification and purification, and to rebuild the total man body, mind, and spirit.

This has been the goal of RFWC from the beginning of the ministry and we are happy to announce the establishment of our second campus located in Madisonville, TX. The campus pastor of RFWC- Madisonville is Pastor Jessie Sandles. Pastor Sandles has been dedicated to the vision and the goal of RFWC for many years we have no doubt that she will serve as a dynamic campus pastor.

+Pastor Larry & Apostle Ty Watts

***Visit Us During One of Our Upcoming Services***

May 1, 2011- 6 PM
Worship Service

May 15, 2011- 4:00 PM
Community Outreach
*Free Food & Prizes*

June 12, 2011- 10:45 AM
Worship Service

June 19, 2011- 6:00 PM
Worship Service

July 10, 2011- 10:45 AM
Worship Service

July 31, 2011- 6:00 PM
Worship Service

111 West Trinity St.
Madisonville, TX 77864